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Professional-grade monitor for pros.

Case Color: Black
The VP2655wb is one of ViewSonic’s new LCD Professional Series monitors that utilizes the power of true IPS panel technology. Featuring the best 118% NTSC wide color gamut by OptiColor™, high contrast ratio and super wide 178/178 degree viewing angles. This coupled with 1920x1200 resolution, makes the VP2655wb the ultimate professional grade LCD monitor for medical facilities, scientific design, digital art, video production, architecture and any application where true color and total screen viewing is essential. 4- port USB hub for cluster free connectivity, ergonomic functions with pivot, height adjust, tilt, swivel and slim bezel make the VP2655wb an amazing monitor.



Key Features:

  • 26-Inch (25.5-Inch Vis) widescreen IPS LCD monitor for designers, CAD/CAM engineers, photographers, and medical users
  • IPS panel delivers superior image quality accurate colors and high contrast ratio even at super wide viewing angles of 178°
  • 118% NTSC color gamut for rich color
  • 1920x1200 high resolution for perfect image reproduction
  • 90° pivot, 5 inch height adjust, 120° swivel and tilt functions for desktop comfort and efficiency
  • Slim Bezel designed for multi-monitor applications
  • 4-port USB hub for easy connectivity of USB devices such as digital cameras, USB flash drives and mice
  • DVI and VGA inputs for diverse connectivity
  • 200mm x 100mm VESA compliant for 3rd party wall mount or monitor stands
  • Highest grade panel with the best pixel performance policy in the industry

What is an IPS Panel?
IPS (in-plane switching) technology is the highest performance panel technology available in the LCD displays. The specifications and details of IPS panel technology are considered best for high accuracy in color, contrast and wide viewing angles. IPS panels offer excellent picture reproduction and suitable for photography, graphics design, movie production, CAD/CAM engineering, medical and security applications. Below illustration represents how an image on your screen will look even at extreme viewing angles of up to 178°. With IPS panels, you will not have any color shifts or changes in the contrast ratio when you move the image across the screen or change your viewing angle.

Wide viewing angles

At 45° angle

At 178° angle

True life-like colors
Since IPS panels support real life colors, they are perfect for graphics/movie designers, photographers and medical imaging operators. For example, when you take a picture of your family on a field trip, the blue of the sky, the green of the grass will look exactly the same on your screen and on your prints, assuming your camera and your printer support true RGB colors as well.

From your camera...

To your screen...

To your wall.

118% NTSC color gamut – more color tones than your eyes can see
Color gamut refers to the various levels of colors that can potentially be displayed by a device. There are different standards that defines color gamut: sRGB, AdobeRGB and NTSC. To quantify the various color gamuts in terms of their relative range of color of narrowest to widest would be:
sRGB < AdobeRGB < NTSC.

What is NTSC color gamut?
NTSC is the color space developed for the widest range of colors that can be represented to the human eye. Most real world devices to date do not have the ability to actually reach this level of color in a display.

Monitors are generally rated on their color by the percentage of colors out of a color gamut that are possible. Thus, a monitor that is rated at 100% NTSC can display all of the colors within the NTSC color gamut. A screen with a 50% NTSC color gamut can only represent half of those colors.
The average computer monitor will display around 70 to 75% of the NTSC color gamut, shown with the green triangle on the chart. This is fine for most people as they are used to the color they have seen over the years from television and video sources. (72% of NTSC is roughly equivalent to 100% of the sRGB color gamut.)

Those that are looking to use a display for graphical work for either a hobby or profession will probably want something that has a greater range of color. This is where high color or wide gamut displays come into play. In order for a display to be listed as a wide gamut, it generally needs to produce at least a 92% NTSC color gamut. In VP2655wb’s case, this value is set at a super high 118% NTSC level! This means that VP2655wb can show more colors than your eyes can see. 118% NTSC color gamut is represented with the black triangle on the chart.

From your camera...

To your screen...

Pair it with a ViewSonic or Mac computer
One of the key advantages of VP2655wb is its diverse connectivity options making it flexible to be paired with a PC or a Mac computer. ViewSonic, a leader in displays has recently announced a full line of PC products, including notebooks, netbooks, mini PCs and all-in-one PCs. Now you can hook up a Viewsonic ViewBook or a PC Mini as well as a MacBook or a Mac Mini to VP2655wb and enjoy a full 26" (25.5" Vis) widescreen IPS panel with bright picture and excellent color consistency — even if you’re viewing the display from 178° angles!

ViewSonic PC Mini VOT120

Apple Mac Mini

Designed with professionals in mind
From 26" (25.5" Vis) widescreen IPS panel to 1920x1200 resolution, from 90° pivot to height adjust function, from 4-port USB hub to VESA mountable chassis, the VP2655wb is designed with one thing in mind: to serve the needs of professional users and consumers.

Some of the applications where the VP2365wb can be a perfect solution:

  • Photography
  • Graphics design
  • Movie production
  • CAD/CAM engineering
  • Medical imaging
  • Security monitoring (X-ray devices)


Medical imaging

Movie production


Efficiency and comfort
Ergonomics is defined as profession of designing tools and work environments to best accommodate human performance and behavior. The VP2655wb is one of the great examples of an ergonomically designed tool. Based on your height, chair and desk conditions, you can adjust it up and down for 5.3 inches, swivel it 120°, or tilt it 20° degrees, whatever makes you more comfortable.

Also, when designing a portrait mode image or a document (like a flyer or a magazine page), you can rotate the monitor 90° and utilize your 26" (25.5" Vis) screen size at its full extent. You can also adjust your graphics card settings so that all your graphics are rotated 90° as well.

90° Pivot/Portrait Mode

5.3" height adjust

120° Swivel

-5°/+20° Tilt

VESA mount and multi-monitor setup
Designing a professional grade monitor is not easy. We need to understand the needs of our professional users as well as their most common usage patterns. For those who plan to install VP2655wb on a monitor stand for multi monitor setups or wall-mount it, we included a 200mm x 100mm VESA mount holes in the back. You can detach the base easily by unscrewing four screws and then mount the display on its new stand or wall-mount.

Another critical element for multi monitor setups is the bezel design. We made sure that VP2655wb features a thin bezel so that when you tile two, three, four or more monitors together , you have minimum lost space between them.

Dual monitor setup

VESA compliant

Piece of mind with the best pixel performance guarantee and 3 year warranty
One of the aspects that make ViewSonic a market leader in displays is its commitment to quality. LCD panels are produced in factories and as everything else, they may have flaws too. One of the flaws of an LCD panel is a dead pixel, bright or a dark one. Some panels will have no dead pixels while some will have one or two or more. When LCD display manufacturers build their monitors, they will have the option to use different grade panels with different tolerance levels for number of dead pixels. ViewSonic is committed to use the highest grade panels and offer the best pixel performance policy in the market. We also back our displays with 3-year warranty for your peace of mind.

Diverse connectivity
The VP2655wb features a DVI-D digital and a VGA analog input. You can connect two sources at the same time and then toggle between the two by selecting the input source through the On-Screen-Display (OSD). You can also connect one of your computer’s USB ports to the monitor’s USB uplink input which then multiplies the USB ports to four. This way, you can connect up to four USB devices to your monitor and save yourself from the hassle of reaching out to your computer’s USB ports.

What's in the Box

  • LCD monitor
  • Power cable
  • DVI cable
  • VGA cable
  • USB cable (from PC to the monitor)
  • Quick Start Guide
  • ViewSonic Wizard CD-ROM

Dimensions and other features:




Type 66cm / 26" (25.5" viewable) Color TFT active matrix LCD
Display Area 551mm/ 21.7" horizontal x 343mm / 13.5" vertical; 648mm / 25.5" diagonal
Optimum Resolution 1920x1200
Contrast Ratio 1000:1 static (typ), 4000:1 dynamic
Viewing Angles 178º horizontal, 178 vertical @ contrast ratio > 10:1
Response Time
Light Source Long life, 40,000 hrs. (typ)
Brightness 400 cd/m2 (typ)
Panel Surface Anti-glare


PC VGA up to 1920x1200 non-interlaced
Mac® G3/G4/G5 up to 1920x1200




Analog/Digital 15-pin mini D-sub/DVI-D
USB V2.0, 1-up/4-down
Power Internal power; 3-pin AC plug (CEE22)


Voltage AC 100–240V, 50–60Hz (auto switch)
Consumption 110W (typ)


The lamp in this product contains mercury. Please dispose of in accordance with local, state or federal laws.


Basic Power, 2, up, down, 1
OnView® Auto image adjust, contrast, brightness, input select (D-SUB, DVI), color adjust (sRGB, 9300K, 7500K, 6500K, 5000K, User color [R, G, B]), information, manual image adjust (H/V position, horizontal size, fine tune, sharpness, dynamic contrast, aspect ratio, eco mode), setup menu (language select, resolution notice, OSD position, OSD time out, OSD background) memory recall


LCD display, power cable, VGA cable, DVI cable, USB cable, Quick Start Guide, ViewSonic Wizard CD


Temperature 32-104ºF (0-40ºC)
Humidity 10–90% (non-condensing)


Three-year limited warranty on parts, labor and backlight


Analog/Digital RGB analog (75 ohms, 0.7/1.0 Vp-p) / DVI (HDCP)
Frequency Fh: 24~92kHz, Fv: 50~85Hz
Sync H/V separated (TTL), composite, sync-on-green


Physical With Stand 23.4" x 18.4" x 15.3" (595mm x 468mm x 388mm)
Physical Without Stand 23.4" x 15.3" x 3.9" (595mm x 389mm x 100mm)
Packaging 26.9" x 19.1" x 22.0" (683.3mm x 485.1mm x 558.8mm)


Gross 30.1 lb. (14.0 kg)
Net With Stand 24.2 lb. (11.0 kg)
Net Without Stand 17.0 lb. (7.7 kg)

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